Do you know all the available TLD's (top level domains), such as .com, .net, etc?

by Patch Hill on October 31, 2019

Just a random observation based on my own behavior.  I use to be a serious domain squatter / hoarder.  More than I could keep track of, and definitely more than I could develop and manage on my own.

Over the last several years, I've allowed domains to lapse and no longer have the registered.  Of course now someone else has registered them and will be happy to sell them to whoever would like to purchase them, starting around 5k.  No thanks.

I did recently succumb and purchased two new domains, all with good intentions and well meanings.  I digress. When purchasing my domains, I've always made sure they all ended in a .com, as that is the BEST known TLD (top level domain) ending.  I've also always been aware of the other common ones, such as .edu for schools, .org for primarily non-profits, etc.  

Now there are new 'designer'  TLD's available for those who wish something a bit more unique, or site appropriate.  Of course, each country has it's own TLD, such as CA for Canada, CN for China, etc.  But I'm talking industry specif TLD's.  Such as .toys for those who've never grown up, .soy for Asian food aficionados, .rocks for, uhm, Jeep owners? You get the idea.  Who's going to remember the extension when trying to remember and return to one of these sites, most are still going to type in  I'm sticking with .com for all my domains.

Now on the other hand, if you're going to drive all your own traffic, or depend on organic search results, maybe one of the 'designer' TLD's will fit you perfectly.  But, do you know all the possible TLD's available?  Or even a majority of them?  I don't but there are sites where you can find them.  

Now, not all registers will have all TLD's available for registration.  I use to use exclusively for my domain registration, but they charge for privacy (hiding the owners info).  I've moved to Google domains, because privacy is included for free.  I also host on HostGator, because they do offer a free SSL (security) option for your hosted domains, always important.

Google has a page listing the TLD's (perhaps not all inclusive, as .sex TLD wasn't listed) that they offer for registration.  It can be found here: TLD reference.

Here's some of the TLD's chosen at random:

  • .sarl (?)
  • .schule (?)
  • .band ( ?)
  • .cash ( ?)
  • .city (, where I call home)
  • .coffee ( or

You get the idea.

Go take a look, I think you'll find it informative.  No idea how many web sites are taking advantage of those designer TLD's, as I've never knowingly visited one. BTW, who came up with some of those TLD's? 

Until next time, keep opening those doors to opportunity!



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