Go Navy! ...

by Patch Hill on November 30, 2021

...we're an officially licensed crafter for the U.S. Navy!!!

It took a while, and there are specific processes and forms to complete to become an officially licensed crafter for each branch of the military. 

We have completed the steps and paid the fees and can now sell handmade merchandise that includes the official U.S. Navy wordmarks and logos (i.e. Navy intellectual property).

It's fairly easy to tell if someone is officially licensed to use the IP of the Navy. For a crafters license, you MUST include your license number on the page that is selling the officially license merchandise.  We include our license within the image of the products we're selling.

To honor our Navy enlisted and those who have previously served, we've created a Christmas ornament with the Navy logo, permissible under license. These are cut and engraved from whiteboard for a clean, finished look. Available for purchase in our shop here or on our Etsy store

We've also created a door hanger / wall sign with same logo, but done in multiple layers with a ship lap style backer. All our painted items are hand painted one at a time.  The sign is available both on our site here, as well as our Etsy shop.  Be sure to bookmark our pages, and also like and share our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/ArtsyDoors.

I do want to make clear that there are some intellectual property items that CANNOT be used on merchandise, regardless if you have a crafters license or regular commercial license.  These items are reserved for internal use by the U.S. Navy itself.  

Anyone selling merchandise with the Official Navy Seal is doing so illegally. 

This is per the official website at: https://www.navy.mil/TRADEMARKS/About-Us/.

Obviously, ignorance is no excuse.  We should all respect the intellectual property of others, and we wish to use it, then we should follow the necessary steps to do so legally.  Namely legal licensing per IP owners guide lines.  Each branch has it's own process and guidelines for obtaining a crafters / commercial license, depending on your intended volume of sales.

Navy Crafters License Application

Navy Commercial License 


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