Mini pot plant...

by Patch Hill on January 26, 2019

...hand painted stands.

We're working on a new line of hand painted pot stands.

Our initial stands are hand crafted for untreated pine 4x4's. This are fairly heavy and we expect the shipping to reflect the weight, though size should be an issue.

Each pot stand/holder is, well 3.75" x 3.75" x 6" - 8", depending on design.

We're also working on a lighter and more versatile design constructed from 1/4" birch ply.  These are also handle assembled and hand finished.  The advantage of these, is that they can be used not only as a small pot holder (great for air plants and succulents) but also as piggy banks or change holders, as they are hollow.

The pot holder pictured below is approximately 6.5" from the base to the top edge of the included pot.



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